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White Fireweed Farm, Freest Fancy Creations

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On our 80 acre farm we raise for CAGBA Registered Colored Angora Goats for their lustrous soft mohair fiber, Pedigreed Giant, German and Satin Angora Rabbits for their oh so soft angora fiber, Jersey Wooly Rabbits and Merino Sheep (the softest wool you can get). We use the gifts they give us to produce products both creative and useful. Our line of wears and creations is called Freest Fancy Creations. We are a predator friendly farm meaning we chose to live in harmony with wildlife and use livestock guardian dogs to protect our livestock.

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100% satisfaction is our warranty.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase we will refund your entire purchase price including shipping both ways once the item is returned to us in its original condition within 20 days of purchase.

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