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Sweet Grass Farm was begun in 1995 as a small fiber flock, growing to a herd of 30 registered Shetland Sheep (flock #2225), alpaca, goats mini donkeys and ….sweet grass!

We chose Shetland sheep because of their beautiful soft and long fiber that is suitable for anything from the thickest warmest sweater to the finest lace wedding  shawl. We shear just once a year to optimize the fiber length for spinning. Our sheep are bred for sweetness, fine fiber and all the colours of the breed.

Sweet grass is native to the east coast all the way from Maine to the Carolinas. It has a distinctive smell that reminds one of a warm summer day. We grow a small garden of sweetgrass on our Pennsylvania farm , and I harvest the grass twice a summer to make baskets and scented pillows, and remind myself of family summers on the ocean.

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