Trivet, made of many kinds of sheep wool, tightly rolled rolags


Sold by: Oklahoma Mini Mill

Trivet, made of many kinds of sheep wool and tightly rolled rolags from many fibers, pressed and felted into a one of a kind trivet

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I’m going to talk about  this “Trivet”. You know, what you need in the kitchen counter or the dining table to keep from burning the table top with a hot pan.

The curly rolag things on the top of the felted pad, we call “WhirlyGigs”. Remember how we don’t waste anything at Oklahoma Mini Mill. This is the result of us cleaning out the wheels of the our fiber machines.

Soft and cushy, one of a kind Trivets, made with felted sheep wool blended with alpaca and tightly rolled rolags to add dimension and thickness.

Made in our fiber mill and put into our Wet Felting Machine.

Put pots and pans on it! Use it as a hot pad! Or, it’s a piece of artwork! – put it on the wall for a wall hanging! A wonderful contrast on a counter or table. An art form on a Buffett!

These are made from reclaimed fiber and are all natural, no dyes. They are one of a kind!

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Weight 0.375 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 3 in


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Sold by: Oklahoma Mini Mill
New Sold by: Oklahoma Mini Mill
Sold by: Oklahoma Mini Mill
Sold by: Oklahoma Mini Mill
Sold by: Oklahoma Mini Mill
Sold by: Oklahoma Mini Mill

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