Comfy & hip! 100% Wool hand felted Hat


Sold by: Lisajoy Designs of Taos

Original Lisa Joyce designer hat. Hand-felted. 100% wool. Size: Medium. Color: Caramel

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These are the famous “Lisa Joyce Hats”, know from fiber festivals, that can slum it in Santa Fe or high fashion catwalk it in New York! Extremely lightweight, comfortable, soft, breathable hand-felted wool with a great drape. They’re warm and soft, yet you can come from a cold day into a hot store and not feel you have to pull it off, and people come back and tell me that this is the hat they wore all winter because it was so comfortable (and whisper that these hats don’t give them “hat head”.  Some folks even have a collection of them, and at least one collector displays them on a hat rack in her front hall as part of her interior design. A gallery owner I know wears ones from her collection all day every day at her gallery… for much of the year!

The construction of this hat, which I think of as “on the wing”, is one that can be worn in a multitude of styles- there is no front or back; so get in front of your mirror, fold and drape the felt in different ways, and experiment with what expresses “you!”… or even what mood you might be in. Feeling flirty? put the flaps standing up at the front. Stylish? give the hat asymetry with flaps off to the side. Not feeling social? ok, just pull the flap down over your face (ok, just kidding). 

Each is unique; I make the felt, and then sew them freehand as inspiration, and the shape and drape of the felt, lead me.  Many can be folded and shaped and worn in different styles at different times. They also lend themselves wonderfully to accessorizing- try your favorite pins, fiber bits, strands of my tailspun yarns, or whatever your imagination comes up with. In fact, with most, I try not to dress them up too much to start with, so that they can be the canvas for your own personality.  Many have long “danglies” hanging from them. If you don’t like these, guess what, just take a sharp scissor and trim or cut them off, or ask me to. I won’t mind!

These do have sizing, so, if you are unsure of your size, measure around the largest part of your head at the brow level (if you don’t have a cloth tape, use a string, then measure the string). The range around 21” is a small, around 22” is a medium, and around 23” is a large. I can often make larger hats smaller, and, and, occasionally, can make smaller hats larger. It depends on the particular hat; just shoot me an email to inquire before ordering it. 

Yes, I also do some custom orders when possible, and there are a few consistent colors I can match, especially black, white, red, and certain blues, but I’m often dyeing on the fly and also overdyeing other colors, so dye lots tend to be unique, and I may not be able to reproduce an exact shade.


As lovely breathable wool, these rarely need washing, but if they do, a simple lukewarm or cool water hand soak with gentle soap, squeeze the water out, reshape, set out on a towel, and let dry. While they are still damp, you can even iron them (wool setting, natch) back into shape. They do not shrink; they are actually more likely to stretch than shrink. So don’t buy them too big thinking they’ll shrink… they won’t, unless you throw them in the washing machine, which you should never never do, unless you want to give them to small children and/or dress dolls with them.

Genuinely “Not Sold in Stores”, this is the first time Lisa Joyce Hats have ever even been available online. Enjoy!

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Dimensions 10 × 13 × 2 in


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Sold by: Lisajoy Designs of Taos
Sold by: Lisajoy Designs of Taos
Sold by: Lisajoy Designs of Taos
Sold by: Lisajoy Designs of Taos
Sold by: Lisajoy Designs of Taos
Sold by: Lisajoy Designs of Taos

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