• From our farm to you, handmade from beginning to end by hand from our satin angora rabbits. This hat wears like a cloud, lightweight, satinized and oh so warm. I raised and humanely harvested the angora fiber, […]

  • Very little vm.  There might be some shorter fibers as just taken from the goat and washed.  Silky soft.

  • Very little vm.  Locks have not been separated but natural as came of Purlly when she was sheared.  Washed.

  • About a 4 inch staple, has a soft handle.  Herklas fiber is a light red/brown color and I over dyed it with green.  The a lot of the tips still show the brown/rusty color giving a lovely range of color.  Locks ar […]

  • 2.5 inches long, free of vm.  Hand-dyed in an array of yellows and oranges with a tad bit of pinks and greens.

  • Alaska grown Angora

  • Alaska grown Angora

  • 3 inch staple length, no vm.  Hand-dyed in a range of yellows and a bit of oranges and a tad of green.

  • 3 inch staple length.  Hand-dyed in blues from light to bright blue with some turquoise color too.

  • Staple length will vary from .5 inches to 2.5 inches with most 2 inches.  A little bit of vm but easy to remove.  An assorted colors of purples, maroon, yellows, oranges, greens and blues.

  • Staple length ranging from .5 inches to 2.5 inches with the majority 2 inches.  Hand-dyed in an array of colors including light to dark purples, light to dark blues and light to dark pinks.  A little bit of vm b […]

  • Staple length about 2.5 inches with some variations.  A little vm but easy to pick out.  Colors of blue range from a bright blue to a light blue.

  • Coated from day of shear to shearing so basically no vm.  Lightly washed so has a bit of lanolin still in it.  Staple length ranges from .5 inches to 2 inches with most of it 2 inches.

  • Maddie was born black but as she aged her fleece has turned into this lovely variegated grey color.  She was coated from shear to shear so virtually no vm in this prime fiber.  Staple length about 2.5 inches.  Li […]

  • Staple length about 2.5 inches but may vary a bit.  Coated from shearing to shearing so very little to no vm.  Hand-dyed in an array of greens from forest to bright green with some rust and even a bit of gunmetal blue.

  • Staple length about 2.5 inches, coated so very little to no vm.  Hand dyed in colors that range from a harvest yellow to a bright orange.

  • Joy has a creamy colored fleece and I hand dyed it with an array of purples, mauves, cream and rust.  She has a Very soft handle and this is still in the locks as it came off of her.  Very little vm.

  • Mohair locks, silky, shiny and soft.

  • Mohair locks, silky, shiney and soft.

  • Her lovely soft fiber was overdyed with a blue and ended up a range of blues from bright blue to almost turquoise.  There is a fair amount of vm in this fleece but not to hard to pick out.  This is a loose lock fleece.

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