• Spin up Merino in the deep blue of the midnight sky, sprinkle in shimmering starlight of blue Angelina, set the Star in the sky with golden Merino, and blend in some white Bamboo for the snowy fields, and you have […]

  • Here’s a fun collection of fibers you may never have tried.  Spin or felt these novelty and luxury fibers and see whether they are easy to work with, and what characteristics they carry.  Whether you blend the […]

  • All natural recipes containing moisturizing oils, rich Shea butter, and beeswax, to keep puppies of all ages comfortable and healthy by protecting and soothing paw pads that are calloused, salt-damaged, or […]

  • Snuggly soft two-ply sock yarn in alpaca, merino and nylon with 10% silk for that special feeling of luxury.  Approx 370 yards per skein will make a pair of the lovliest, most comfortable socks imaginable. Two […]

  • Rebecca’s  fleece is an exquisite deep espresso brown with high luster.  As is the case with all of my alpacas, Rebeccah was handshorn so staple length depends on how fast she was moving when I closed the sci […]

  • Somewhat coarser fleece with 7” locks and light felting but excellent for rug yarn or felt.  I estimate that it’s a Gr. 4-5 fiber.  There is some VM (see photo).  However, the fleece seems quite uniform and there […]

  • Zoë produced a very nice Light Fawn fleece, with 4-5” loosely twisted locks, nice handle, and excellent luster.  There is very little VM in this fleece.

    Fleece weight: 2# 2 oz.

  • Preludes beautiful white fleece is stunning.  Because it is a 2-year fleece, there is dirt and debris on the outside layer but is bright lustrous white inside.  She has high luster and exquisite handle.  I es […]

  • Princess is an older female whose fleece would be an excellent choice for corespun rug yarn or felted sheets.  It could also be blended to give luster to a fleece that lacks sheen since she has retained good […]

  • Dawn is an older female whose fiber is a great prospect for felting for use in dryer balls or felted soaps.  Her lock structure is straight and flat, so very easy to  process. Locks are ~5” in length and wash ver […]

  • This is an amazing fleece!  Dora’s stunning light Fawn fiber has all the qualities you’d want in a first clip: fineness, handle, lock, luster and length.  She has well-twisted locks with very little VM, and the g […]

  • This fleece is heavily discounted due to the amount of monkey-picking that will be needed to prepare it for use.  The girl was a pig, I tell ya, a pig!  Nevertheless, her fleece is a decent micron range – my e […]

  • Flare is one of those alpacas who doesn’t fight for pellets, allows shearing with no issues (and when you hand-shear, this is a marvelous quality), and in general pretty much goes along to get along.  She is ve […]

  • Empress is a beautiful middle-aged suri breeding female with a few more great crias in her and lovely blue-black fleece, perfect for spinning.  She is one of a very few girls left on my farm and I’d like her to go […]

  • Mandy is the last offspring of my very first suri female, so she is the terminus of my adventure in breeding and selling alpacas.  Mandy has her dams winsome personality … and appetite.  She is easy to h […]

  • Each bar is packed with butters especially chosen for their beneficial properties to moisturize and protect the driest areas of the skin.  The bar are soft and will melt upon contact with the skin so they should […]

  • Goat milk contains important vitamins that help your skin replace collagen lost as we age, and is known to have beneficial effects on the skin. Honey is a surfactant which draws moisture to the skin.  My goat […]

  • Two small or one large bomb per package.  Check the list for scents available.

    NOTE:  The toys used in the children’s bath products are hazardous to small children and it is not recommended that they be use […]

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