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The first time we heard about Fibersheds we were hooked! What is a Fibershed you ask? A Fibershed is a defined area for sourcing local fibers, dyes, labor, processing, production of fiber related goods. Like the “locavore” movement for food the Fibershed concept developed to promote the local sourcing of these goods and services. Google Fibershed and you will find out all about them and if there is one near you.

We want to promote the value and goals of local sourcing while acknowledging that we live in a wide variety of geographic areas and that not everything we use is locally available. We believe that by working closely with Fibersheds around the world we can meet the goals of local sourcing and stay open to global influences and friendships.

We are working on how to balance the desire to support our local Fiber Shed affiliates while at the same time support growers and artists who may be geographically separated from each other. We have had many discussions with Fiber Shed affiliates and folks who are not in a Fiber Shed about how to balance our local resources while still being able to explore the world and learn and share with everyone. The different geographic locations we are in allow different products to grow and be available. Getting these products to processing mills and to the artists who want to use them is our challenge. We look forward to working with everyone on how to balance the challenges in our big wide wonderful world while not overlooking our own backyard.

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